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Published: 27th October 2010
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Rain deck is the only shop you need in case you are looking for splash pads regardless the size, model, colour. Here you will be able to find everything. Rain deck is all about providing fun and safe splash pad equipment for your needs. That Is the company that can help you to realize your park projects by supplying you with reliable, safe and cost effective splash pad systems. The professional design team can create anything from residential splash pad to the large scale commercial splash pads that will be installed also by the Rain Deck team.

In case you decide to purchase a residential splash pad, Rain Deck provides you with a kit that includes Rain Deck 3 " Housings; Rain Deck Adjustable spouts; Water Distribution device; 3-Way Diverter Valve; 100 Square Foot Cartridge Filter; 6" Drain Grate with Housing’ Rain Deck Installation Manual as well as:

* 1-HP Pump

* 100 Square Foot Cartridge Filter

* Rain Deck 150 Gallon Holding Tank

* Auto Fill Leveller

* 1-1/2" Check Valve

* UltraPure Oxidizer 120V

* UltraPure Check Valve

* Air Flow Control Unit

* Float Chlorinator Dispenser (1" tabs)

In case you need something more that isn’t included in the kit or you prefer the different design of the residential splash pad, you can always discuss it with the designers and as a result you will get the splash pad designed especially for your needs.

If you are thinking to acquire the splash pads for hotels, care centres and other commercial purposes, then you should choose the commercial splash pad. Rain Deck offers installation services, so don’t worry about it. The company has the standard kit for commercial splash pad. In case you want to use your creativity and put some changes, feel free to discuss your ideas with the professional designers of Rain Deck and soon you will see your ideas materialised.

As it was mentioned above the company provides installation services. In their team there are such professionals as certified Pebble-Flex installers. Since the Rain Deck team has extensive experience you can be sure that nobody can achieve their efficiency and high quality of work in installation of Rain deck products.

Take a look on the official website of the company where you can find the contact details and more detailed information about services company provides and much more.

Rain Deck is your one stop shop for all your Residential Splash Pad and pool water feature needs – From unique splash pad designs to complete spray park installations, Rain Deck has the water play products and resources to make your spray park project a reality. For more information please visit: Splash pads

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